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Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit 2005-06 Review

This is one of the bikes we have purchased this week from Marco in Cambridge. Here we take a look at the old-school credentials of the still proud Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit. Now this bike is the ABS version and some people can get confused when you tell them you have a Suzuki Bandit 650 because they instantly think you have the fuel injected bike which was launched in 2007 and looked very different with it's silver engine. The 650 was also made with carburetors and are pretty easy to tell apart as they have a black engine and oil cooler at the front. Some of these bandits are still knocking about on 2007 registrations as some were left in dealers and were late registered.

Did you know that the Bandit 650 and half-faired Bandit 650S launch took place in Spain. Some of the noticeable changes that were made to the 650 bandit were as follows:

  • ABS available as an option

  • Suzuki PAIR (Pulsed AIR) exhaust air injection system

  • Engine displacement increased by 56 cc to improve low- and mid-range performance

  • Reshaped fuel tank

  • New halogen headlight

  • LCD digital display combining speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, fuel gauge and clock

The bandit might be gone but it's certainly not forgotten and is still a very capable motorcycle and has a big following across the world even to this day. The Bandit 650 is still a very popular choice of bikes on the used motorcycle market. You will hear bikers saying "I miss my old bandit" because they are still a very well thought of motorcycle. We would call it biking simplicity, the oil cooled lump is proven in terms of reliability and they are just a great "do it all bike.

The riding position on the bandit is comfortable and very tourer like, it's good at riding long distance on and the half faired version offers a decent level of wind protection. Various after market screens are available too, although the stock screen does a decent job in terms of "windblast".

So what's the engine like?

Sitting underneath the Bandit's fuel tank is an in-line four double overhead cam lump and in our opinion a lot smoother that the old bandit 600 lump it replaced, although the engine is very similar in terms of look Suzuki basically bored it out for the extra cc's.

Do they hold their money on the used market?

It's like any other bike really they are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay. This is very true and even more so with the Bandit 650 because there are some really tired ones out there that have been abused, clean ones will obviously fetch more money than a rusty old wreck. If you are looking for one on the used market just make sure it starts easy, idles nicely and revs well through the rev range. Bandits that have been sitting unused for a longish period of time will get carb issues due to modern fuel containing ethanol and running a tank of "redex" will not cure the problem. If a bandit has sat then you will likely face a carb strip and clean, and jet replacements, anything rubber such as the vacuum fed fuel tap diaphragms will probably need a replacement too. It can become costly quickly so just exercise caution when looking for a used one. The bandit is a pukka bike for not much money. We recommend going for an ABS version of the Suzuki GSF650 Bandit if you can as they seem to be more popular in this modern day era. The bandit is the "do it all" bike of the motorcycle world and that versatility will have you riding it a lot. Long distance or bendy road fun, the bandit can do all of that jazz. Trackday maybe? Why not!

Interesting fact about the Suzuki Bandit 650 2005-2006

Not many people know this but did you know that the Suzuki Bandit 650 05-06 is exempt from the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone? Yep that's correct the Bandit 650 has a NOx output of only 0.150g/km or g/kWh which means it complies. A quick email into with a copy of your logbook or certificate of conformity (if the NOx output does not show on your V5C logbook) will have a letter generated confirming you don't have to pay the charge. This is a win win for bandit owners and means that the 2005-2006 model is "more desirable to the London commuter"

What extras are available?

Plenty of extras still exist today from luggage to bolt on oil cooler covers, huggers. Google and eBay are your best friend when it comes to finding Suzuki Bandit Accessories. One place we find very informative and helpful with all the Suzuki Bandit models are:

Just Bandits Ltd. Unit 3E Monk Road Industrial Estate, Alfreton, Derby DE55 7RL Office: 01773 521800 Mobile: 07971 321932

What forums are around for the Suzuki Bandit 650 then?

We have listed out some of the popular internet forums for the Suzuki Bandit 650. Their are also many Facebook groups available if you have a Facebook account. Just search in the search bar.

Common Suzuki Bandit 650 Questions and Answers

Is a Suzuki Bandit a good first bike?

I had an original 650 Bandit as my first bike. Passed my test on a 125, waited 6 months then bought it brand new. Fast is a relative term and it was fast as a first bike but for me that meant respect and the ability to get out of trouble if needed. Handles well and was reliable.

Do Suzuki still make the Bandit?

The Suzuki Bandit is a series of standard motorcycles produced by Suzuki since 1989. The Bandit series includes the following models: GSX150, 147 cc liquid-cooled (2018–present)

How many gears does a Bandit 650 have?

6 gears

Where is the best place to get an insurance quote for my Suzuki Bandit 650?

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