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Your looking to sell your written off or damaged motorcycle?


You are in the right place here at we are experts when it comes to buying damaged motorbikes in England Scotland or Wales. When you sell to us we offer the easiest stress free way or selling your damaged bike and more importantly we are honest open and professional throughout, if you want to make some extra cash by selling your write off damaged bike to us then go for it!!

We pay top cash for all damaged motorcycles, right so what categories of motorbikes are there? Well, From October 2017 the A, B, C & D insurance write-off categories are being superseded by a new categorization system. It’s vital to still know and understand the ‘old categories’ as people in the industry will probably still refer to the below them.

·         Category A:

·         Cat A bikes must be completely scrapped after they have been written off by the insurer, parts can’t even be used.

·         Category B: If a motorbike is Cat B, it’s a write-off. Too dangerous to be put back on the road, the frame must be crushed but the parts may be salvaged.

·         Category C: Cat C means the bike can be put back on the road, but insurer thinks the repairs are going to cost more than the bike itself is worth.

·         Category D: Cat D bikes are also write offs but again can be put back on the road, the cost of repairs are less than the value of the bike. A big difference between Cat C and Cat D writeoff’s is that Cat C motorbikes must have a V23 Form filling in by the insurer or agent to the DVLA; whereas the Cat D doesn’t need to do this. WILL PURCHASE insurance loss motorbikes!


As we mentioned earlier, the above categories are now old news. The new categories reflect this system but are renamed. So, the up to date write off levels are:

·         Cat A – Scrap only

·         Cat B – Break for parts

·         Cat S – Structurally damaged but repairable

·         Cat N – Not structurally damaged, repairable


So if you want to sell your damged/written off motorcycle them click the button below "Can I sell my Cat S or Cat N motorbike?" The answer is yes, Sell it to us. 

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