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It's been eagerly awaited across the world and it's finally here on our shores. Yes, that's right the Zero SR/S is available to buy now. The S model shares similarities with the naked SR/F model. Both these zero models use the same electric motor and the same battery. Current press circulations suggest that the new SR/S will make in the region of 110bhp and 190nm of torque. Top speed of 124mph is pretty impressive as well. The SR/S has a sleek slick fairing design that does look very streamlined in our opinion here at Zero are the leaders when it comes to electric motorcycles. They offer a Powertank which takes the range up to around 137miles which is high when you compare it to other electric motorcycles that are currently on the market. Why is it an optional extra though? Could it not already be fitted to the bike as standard to extend the range?

Sitting on the S gives an upright riding position which is reminiscent of a Kawasaki ER6F or similar. The bike is fitted with Showa suspenders which is a top-level of suspension and on the S model the suspension has been retuned which in turn will prove better for riding with a pillion. The battery on the Zero can be charged at a level 2 charging station, but only if you buy the optional 6kw charger. Ah....not another extra! Give us something Zero!!! The optional extra charger which you have to buy will then enable the Zero to be charged in an hour (sounds like this optional extra is a must if you ask us). The SR/S has riding modes Eco, Sport, Regen, Street there are also another 10+ riding modes available to store your own settings. The base model of the Zero SR/S is a pretty eye-watering £19,950 or £21,950 if you want the 6kw charger and heated grips.

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