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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

We do often ask ourselves why some motorcycle manufacturers decided to use this type of paint on a motorcycle, but let's be honest it does look pretty stylish and hardcore even though a lot of bikers are still not 100% sure how to clean Matt or Matte surfaces. The issue with Matt paintwork is that when it's all clean and mean looking it does look a million dollars, the issue is it can attract fingerprints easily and then it starts looking a little drab. Getting rid of those annoying little finger prints, water marks or petrol stains can be a challenge in itself. But that's because many people use the wrong types of cleaner on Matt surfaces. Here at we buy many motorcycles finished in matt or denim paint and the amount of bikes we get that a "have a go hero" has decided to polish the tank and then realised that it doesn't look quite right and in turn you are left with a nice shiny spot on the tank that looks like the end of a cavalry soldiers boot. Once Matt paint has been compromised in this way then unfortunately there is no bringing back that Matt finish.

So how do you clean this type of finish? Well first things first. Forget what John down the pub has told you about using some kind of household cleaner from under the kitchen sink. You need to find yourself a tried and tested and dedicated "Motorcycle" product for Matt finished paint surfaces. We use the word "Motorcycle" in an important fashion here because companies who have a dedicated Matt cleaner for motorcycles will have tested this on all types of paint finishes and you are safe in the knowledge that your paintwork is not going to be damaged.

So what Matt cleaner do recommend.

What you need is a special cleaner that doesn’t contain any oils or detergents. We like products from UK based company DrDownpipe (Makers of the UK's number one exhaust downpipe clean

er) and we recommend their recently released cleaner for matte painted motorbikes.

Their “Matte Paint Cleaner” comes in a generous 500ml spray bottle for just £12.50 or if you grab it on DrDownpipe.Com at the moment a promotional with FREE POSTAGE and at that price it's an absolute bargain. If your bike is covered in mud and grit then logic would be to wash it first and give it a going over with the Matte Paint Cleaner by DrDownpipe. The results are simply amazing. We recommend using a microfibre cloth with the cleaner as they offer the best results for a great streak free finish. Just be careful not to drop the cloth on the floor as microfibre cloths can pick up small amounts of grit and if rubbed on Matt paintwork this will cause scratching.

So what do DrDownpipe say about their popular matte cleaner?

"Specially formulated for matt or denim paint, this quick solution cleans and protects the matt finish on your motorcycle. Our cleaner will not streak or leave marks on your matt finish. Spray and wipe with a soft cloth such as a microfibre cloth. The cleaner will remove grease, fingerprints dirt and grime. Works on all Matt and Denim paint surfaces on all makes and models or motorcycle, spray and wipe is the key to this product. You don't need to buff the paintwork as this could damage the surface of the paint and give it a polished effect. This cleaner will flash off as it dries. Wipe any excess with a soft cloth until streak free. Generous 500ml bottle (ensuring you have plenty) If you are serious about cleaning then you will love our cleaner."

Right guys and girls be sure to watch our youtube video below for a full detailed review of the excellent Matte Paint Cleaner by DrDownpipe. WARNING the cleaner does not give off any nasty odours and is pleasant to use but all the same if you are using any kind of spray cleaner on your motorcycle be sure to use in a well ventilated area. Work on small areas of the bike rather than spraying over the entire bike and trying to work a larger area.

Thanks for reading our blog post. To all our loyal followers thanks for following our page. Remember any help and advice we are only one phone call or message away. Cheers everyone.

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