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Christmas gifts for bikers - Our Top 10

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

So now is the time to start looking for that gift for a loved one. Maybe your loved one is mad about motorcycles!? Then you're lucky because bikers are easy to buy for at Christmas! Just buy them something motorcycle related and you will always be onto a winner. We have compiled a list of Christmas gifts for bikers which we would be "well happy" if someone put one under our tree here at anybikebought. Christmas is a time to spend with family and loved ones and cherish those precious moments that you will remember in the years to come. You don't need to break the bank at Christmas always remember it really is the thought that counts.


Pick of the bunch has got to be the Garmin Sat Nav for motorycles. Most bikers would want one of these under the tree. Unless of course you are a BMW rider and then you might want a BMW one! Why? Because BMW riders tend to like everything BMW of course. Did I just say that? Oh well I am sure I am entitled to my opinion! The Garmin though is an Excellent sat nav and is packed full of useful features. Ok it's not cheap priced at over £300 but can probably be bought cheaper if you shop around for a deal.

Take it out of the box and after setting it up you realize how robust and sturdy this item is and is very much designed with the motorcyclist in mind. The display is small, but adequate and the unit has a rubberized outer coating. Installation is relatively easy, although unless you have a USB connection you do need to wire the charging unit into the bike's electrics (you might need professional help here, depending on your level of competence). Connection to the unit is via a water resistant connection and maintains constant current. As an additional benefit you can use the supplied cigarette plug and windscreen mount to fit it in a car - nice option and connects via USB.

Some of the Features of the Garmin listed below

- Rugged, glove-friendly, sunlight-readable 4.3” display; resistant to fuel vapours, UV rays and harsh weather

- Stay connected: pair with a compatible smartphone for hands-free calling, get smart notifications through the free Smartphone Link app, and easily share GPX files for group rides; control music and playlists from your compatible smartphone on the zūmo display

- Access free Live Services for traffic and weather using the Smartphone Link app

- Garmin Adventurous Routing finds curvy or hilly roads; limits major highways

- Built-in Wi-Fi for easy map and software updates without a computer

- Helpful rider alerts for upcoming sharp curves, speed cameras and more — plus Automatic Incident Notifications with the Smartphone Link App installed

If you don't mind pushing the boat out on your loved one this Christmas and if they are a biker the Garmin is a worthy contender for the top present falling short of buying them a Kawasaki H2 or such like!


In our humble opinion this is the top of the tree when it comes to Bluetooth headsets. We run them here at and we love them. If you are looking for a decent Bluetooth headset then Sena is a make you can't go wrong with. They do seem to have the best reviews of all the headsets the only drawback being the price. But then as some might say "you get what you pay for."

Anyway using one of these with a mobile phone sound quality is just as good during calls and when listening to Bluetooth music. The jog wheel on the side also allows quick and easy control even with gloves on.

Installation of the unit is easy, although think this will depend on your helmet but you get both adhesive pads and clamp assembly to fix the unit to the side, wires tuck in behind the helmet lining. We would highly recommend this unit!!!


Lets face facts here every biker needs a disc lock and what better to have one with an alarm on it. These are a sturdy robust little disc lock that could save you having your bike nicked! At a time when bike theft is rife in parts of the UK, that "I am just popping in the cafe" moment is probably when some little toerag will try and have your bike away. This will stop that from happening and make a loud 110db alarm noise to notify you and everyone else there is a bike thief in town!

It has to be on the stocking filler list if your biker loved one doesn't own one already surely?


Every biker needs one of these in their garage! The OptiMate 6 is the latest in OptiMate technology. Featuring TecMate's latest AmpMatic microprocessor controlled circuitry, OptiMate 6 is genuinely revolutionary - the world's most advanced and versatile battery charger, maintainer and tester. All in a stylish, robust, weatherproof, wall-mountable enclosure.

As soon as it's connected, the ampmatic microprocessor automatically diagnoses your battery's condition and sets the optimal charge current and program. Here at Anybikebought all of the motorcycles we buy live on an Optimate charger they are a fantastic piece of equipment to have in your garage and will prolong the life of your battery.

5. Gear Gremlin GG170 Tyre Repair Kit

Awesome product! If you ride a motorcycle then you need one of these in your life. Just speak to any biker who has had to use one! Cold, wind and rain, stuck far from home. No tyre shops open and you just want to keep moving! This little kit can really be a lifesaver to us motorcyclists. I myself have used this recently after getting a screw through my front tyre. This allowed me to repair it at the side of the road. Without this I would have been stuck for a long time in the freezing cold and swirling fog!! Buy one for the biker in your life!!


We love a clean bike here at anybikebought so if someone bought us this for Christmas it would get its fair share of use! Lets face fact here nobody likes a dirty bike now do they? Buy this for the biker in your family and they will have a smile on their face. If you do buy this then make sure you point them to youtube as there are lots of motorcycle cleaning videos on there which are really helpful.

The Muc-Off Ultimate Motorcycle Cleaning Kit covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning, protecting and lubing your motorcycle. This kit isn't style specific either with all the essentials for Road & Off Road riding. Complete with our award winning Motorcycle Cleaner, Microcell Sponge, Soft Washing Brush, Detailing Brush, Two Prong Brush, Claw Brush, Microfibre Cloth, Motorcycle Protectant & Motorcycle Speed Polish, this kit is the perfect Christmas gift for any motorbike fanatic!

7. MoniMoto - Smart Motorcycle GPS Alarm

Sleep easy knowing your bike is safe and sound. This tracker is robust and waterproof, so hopefully should provide many years of good service. The device can also be swapped over to the new bike. The other great selling point is that this does not need to be wired into the bike's electrical system at all, so installation is easy. Anyone could fit this to their motorcycle unlike some trackers which have to be fitted by a professional mechanic.

We would recommend this product. This is due to its ease of use, quick and effective notification of a possible theft and GPS tracking of the location of the bike to maximize the chance of quickly recovering it. Running costs in the longer term are around £3 a month for the SIM card with European roaming, or you can replace with your own if you can get it cheaper.

This is an excellent Christmas present idea for any motorcyclist!!

8. Knox Cold Killers Windproof Mini Tube

If you ride a motorycle then you need one of these. They are a must and in the colder months you cannot ride a motorcycle without one of these. They make such a difference and take that nasty cold chill off your neck. This easy to pull on windproof Mini Tube is an essential piece of kit for any rider. It is a smaller neat design and is invaluable in most weather conditions. The Mini Tube is 100% windproof, front and back. Warm, soft, luxurious velboa fleece on the inside around the neck works to stop draughts.


Yes really! You would be surprised how many motorcyclists don't actually have this. Has your biker friend or family member got breakdown cover if the worst ever happen? Have you ever asked them? This may be a bit of an unusual present but it's the thought that counts and a present that shows you think outside the box!

We have seen places like groupon or wowcher offering very competitive rates on 12months cover.


Think.......Does he or she cover up their bike when its left outdoors? If the answer is no then a bike cover would be a good Christmas present. It doesn't have to be the oxford one but we chose this one as we have used it ourselves and its pretty heavy duty and will protect a bike against the elements. Its a tough cover and one that can be bought online on websites such as eBay and Amazon. You can't really go too much wrong with this as a gift. Bikers like to protect their pride and joy. It will be all smiles on the big day!

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