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Yamaha electric scooters

These models were shown recently at the motor show in Tokoyo. Yamaha have compared the E01 model to a petrol powered 125cc engine. Charging is allegedly fast on these scooters and the build quality typical Yamaha high quality. We think they look really funky and come in a stylish set of colours that resemble the MT range from Yamaha. The E02 was also shown which is the 50cc version that has a removable battery that can be charged off the scooter. Not a bad idea we think especially if you can't part near to a charging point. We don't knopw how much these will cost yet or when they will reach the UK but it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to them..

If you are thinking of getting an electric scooter its worth hanging on we think to see when these will be released. Cleatrly Yamaha are a major player in the scooter game so these are guaranteed to be well put together scooters.

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