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Write-Off Motorcycles - UK's Number 1

We get a lot of people asking us the following question. Who will buy my written-off motorcycle? The answer is that we here at will buy it!! We buy motorcycles that have been written-off for various reasons, this could be due to an accident, or damage. If your motorcycle has been written-off than it can be a headache to try and sell it privately if the bike is badly damaged it's most likely going to need collecting in a van due to it not being able to be ridden away. We collect fast, usually within 24 hours in the UK.

You're looking to sell your written-off or damaged motorcycle? You are in the right place! Here at we are experts when it comes to buying damaged motorbikes in England, Scotland or Wales. When you sell to us we offer the easiest stress-free way or selling your damaged bike and more importantly we are honest, open and professional throughout. If you want to make some extra cash by selling your write-off damaged bike to us then go for it!! We are very easy to deal with and we are a team of bikers just like you! We have all been in the situation where you may have had an accident on your bike and suffered an injury and can't go to work, trust us we get it. Sometimes you just want to get as much money back for your bike in the damaged state it's in, we get that too.

Here at we are the Number 1 UK buyer of written-off motorbikes. If your motorcycle has recently been written-off and you are just looking for a free motorcycle valuation to see how much you could get back for it then please just call or email us we are happy to help. Being helpful to our fellow bikers costs us nothing and we are always happy to offer our expert opinion on what your motorbike might be worth.

But can you insure a motorbike that has previously been written-off? There are insurers that will insure your bike, if it is safe to be on the road of course. If your bike has been given one of the more serious categories such as category S, it will be more difficult to find an insurer that is willing to insure it and offer you a policy. You may also find that you won’t be able to put your motorcycle back on the road.

All motorcycles will need an MOT pass and depending on the damage caused, have an expert engineers report prior to it being assessed as safe to ride and before an insurer will grant you a policy.

You must declare to your insurer if your motorcycle has been previously written-off.

So what are the category of Motorcycles. Have a read below we have tried to cover this the best we can.

Category A

This is the most severe one for your motorcycle. As a result of a category A you will not be able to recover the vehicle and it will consequently be destroyed. Even the parts have to be scrapped and cannot be salvaged or resold.

Category B

This is similar to category A. The difference, it is possible to reuse and recycle certain parts of the vehicle. These parts must be checked as they need to be of a certain standard and deemed safe before you will be allowed to take them. This category cannot go back on the road.

Category N

When a motorcycle has a small amount of damage, usually more cosmetic. This damage is usually cheaper and more straight forward to repair than a category B write-off.

Category S

Motorcycles that are Category S can be repaired. Although repairable, the cost has been determined to be more than the motorcycle is worth. Some bikers prefer to claim on their insurance, especially if the bike is rare in nature or not easy to replace. Some insurance companies have been known to refuse to pay for the repairs in this category which results in you having to pay to repair the bike yourself or buy a new one to replace the damaged bike.

It can be a financial strain and upsetting losing the bike you loved and it can get confusing trying to establish which type of write-off you’ve been awarded. Repairing a written-off motorcycle can run into thousands of pounds, a set of front forks for instance can cost you in excess of £4000. If the bike is unusual, very old, or very new, then finding second hand ones can be like a needle in a haystack. Sometimes it's best to just sell it to a professional motorcycle buyer like and start again. A bike will never feel the same again once it's been written-off. We have all been there. Click the button below if you have a written-off motorcycle and want a hassle-free sale. We collect quick, We Pay More for your written-off motorcycle and we can pay cash or bank transfer.

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