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Why are Non-ULEZ Compliant Motorcycles Losing Value?

Have old non ULEZ compliant motorcycles dropped in value? We give our expert opinion on the current market situation. Yes, non ULEZ compliant bikes have indeed dropped in value, and this can be attributed to the decreasing demand for such motorcycles. Now, let's delve into the reason behind this drop in value. To begin with, some older motorcycles are ULEZ compliant based on the nitrogen oxide (NOx) reading listed on the V5 logbook, which should be 0.15g/km or lower. However, there are older bikes whose logbooks do not contain this information. This poses a challenge as you need to contact Transport for London (TFL) to request an exemption. Unfortunately, some manufacturers no longer possess the relevant information, making it a daunting and time-consuming task. We faced this issue ourselves with a 1990 Triumph motorcycle. To address this dilemma, there is an option to take the bike for a ULEZ test, but it comes at a cost. The price for such a test currently stands at £175. Even after taking the bike for testing, there is no guarantee that an older motorcycle will pass the ULEZ requirements. With many major UK cities adopting clean air zones (CAZ) and implementing stricter emission standards, the challenge of selling older non ULEZ compliant motorcycles has increased significantly.

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However, there is no need to despair. Despite the drop in value, there are still options available for those looking to sell their non ULEZ compliant motorcycles. We, for example, are willing to purchase them. Our expertise and understanding of the market enable us to provide a fair and reasonable offer for your motorcycle, even if it does not meet the ULEZ requirements. It's important for motorcycle owners to be aware of the current market trends and the impact of emission regulations on the value of their bikes. Understanding the ULEZ compliance status of your motorcycle, as well as alternative solutions for selling, can help ensure a smooth and successful transaction. In conclusion, the drop in value of non ULEZ compliant motorcycles can be attributed to the decreasing demand and the challenges involved in meeting emission requirements. However, there are still options available for those looking to sell such bikes, and seeking the assistance of experts in the field can make the process much easier.

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