Our Top 6 Ugly Motorbikes

These are in no particular order. We thought we would reel our top 6 ugly motorcycles off on our latest blog post. Yes the beauty is from within but there are some bikes that just look a bit wrong. Everyone has their own opinion on what motorcycles look ugly and which ones don't. We love to hear from people on their opinions. Get in touch!! Unless you are selling a BMW C1!! urgh.......

BMW F650

Now in our opinion this is an ugly motorbike. There is just no getting away from the front end. Those headlights look like beady eyes and gap between the fairing and the front wheel just looks all wrong. What were BMW thinking. CS stood for city/street, as it was aimed at urban commuters and it was also known as the Scarver, a portmanteau of street and carver. The CS was the third generation in the F650 single series, after the 1993–2001 F650, and 2000–7. Yes we buy them but they will always be ugly. I guess one positive is that if you commute in London and have to park in a bike bay then you have a better chance of it being there when you return!


What were the Germans thinking when they produced this BMW, horrific, horrible and horrendous are some of the words we have heard to describe the C1. Clearly someone has got a little bit carried away down at the BMW factory. A scooter with a roof? What on earth were they thinking? Surely it looked a bit odd to them when it started rolling off the production line. It even has a seat belt fitted!! Although no airbag or power steering. Just look at that roof. Please NO!! Never again it's just wrong the whole look of it is just not right. It was designed to appeal to city commuters who liked the practicality and safety of a car with the usability of a scooter. Unfortunately, poor sales luckily ended its production......


The Suzuki derived engine is a peach we will give it that. But the whole look of the bike just looks a little "parts bin" the speedo is about 3 times bigger than it needs to be and side stands are known to snap off. But the ugliest feature of this particular bike was the colour scheme. Catch this bike in the wrong light and yes it looks brown. A poo brown in fact. I mean why would you put flip paint on a bike that goes brown in certain light. It's not just the colour either. The headlight looks a bit alien and the general build just all looks a bit thrown together. Not one of CCM's finest moments.


Big bird has just called. He wants his beak back. The KTM690SM is a fantastic bike to ride and has 5 star reviews from bike critics, but what is going on with that front end!! Imagine just for one second that the KTM 690SM was yellow. Can you see the sesame street resemblance now? Known as the Beakster to many a KTM fan or the Wheelbarrow to others we really think KTM could have designed this bike much better when it comes to looks. Why oh why is that front fender and headlight stuck together like that!! Unfortunately as good a bike it has proven to be, to us it's ugly!!


This might surprise many. But we have always found the "johnny five" model ugly. The newer shaped headlight model is a look more pleasing to the eye. The look of the StreetTriple is "streetfighter" although some have said to us "it looks like a crashed sports bike" we are going to cause some controversy, because this is a much loved bike across the world really. The bug-eyed beast with the twin headlights is ugly. They do look like they have been put on after the rest of the bike was put together. Later models have the nicer reshaped lights.


The original 2003 Multistrada has been referred to as the “Uglystrada”. The front headlight and fairing assembly look just ugly. Ducati are renowned for such slick and beautiful styling but this was such a mess from Ducati they certainly fell short with this design. We sit here today and wonder what they were thinking back in 2003! Today the Ducati Multistrada is one of the best looking bikes money can buy. It's simply stunning.

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