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Switch - Escrambler Looks Good

Electric motorcycle design is getting more exciting - Really it is!! Most electric bikes that we have seen enter the market have that "odd" look about them as if to say "yep thats an electric bike" ok so electric bikes are a whole industry change and they are never going to be a petrol powered bike but as a biker I still want a bike that looks like a motorbike. This Escrambler concept actually is a nice looking bike at least. A scrambler style bike with knobby tires with a reminiscences of ducati scambler.

With a top speed of about 90 mph and a range of about 90 miles per charge its yet again got the same old range issues. This bike is just a concept, but work is steam rolling ahead to get a full production model finished.

The Escrambler will hit the streets in 2022, according to MoreBikes.

Again, the specs don’t blow anyone away, but this could be a very good short distance commuter motorcycle. Depending on the price of course - The price of some of these electric bikes will need to start reducing if a serious foothold is to be had in the market place. The range has to improve also.

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