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Fancy a £1000 off a Suzuki?

So Suzuki are offering some great deals at the moment by offering a £1000 off a number of bikes in their range. The purchase and registration must take place between 1/11/2019 - 31/01/2020. So if you fancy one of the BIG CC Suzuki range now is the time to take action!

Looking at the deals available you can get £1000 off the following models.






V-Strom 1000/XT

V-Strom 650/XT


Remember you also get a three yes three year warranty on a new Suzuki which is a full comprehensive warranty and shows you that Suzuki are confident in their motorcycle quality. The warranty would sway me to one especially with a grand off one! Lets be honest about this here if you are spending your hard earned on a new motorcycle you want a long warranty just in case anything goes wrong. Who wouldn't?

The new V-Strom 650 is currently standing at £6499 for a new one. We think it's a lot of bike for that money. No Suzuki didn't pay us to write this blog post! We take deals as we find them and write honestly and openly about them as bikers and as bikers we are saying that these new Suzuki's are well worth a look.. And yes you can always sell us your old bike and put the cash down on a new one. You might even get more money off as a cash buyer!

What does this do to used models?

Well in short clearly it's going to have an effect on the second-hand market, because when trying to sell any of these models after a year or two then owners trying to sell them on may not realize the deal Suzuki have on at the moment. Potential buyers are going to be saying "I can get a new one for a few hundred quid more" this will then lead to a lot of these models sitting around on websites such as Ebay, Biketrader, MCN, and so on..

That is our honest opinion.....Always check the price of the new bikes before you buy second-hand. You may well do yourself an injustice.

Keep riding people!!!

Martin @

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