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Well where do we start with this one?! We wanted to write a quick blog and cover this subject. We get various fellow bikers sending us Lexmoto’s to sell and for some reason we are told that they have tried to sell the bike elsewhere and nobody wants it! Why not? And we are not just talking about other motorcycle dealers we are talking about bikers having listed their bike in various other locations such as EBay, Autotrader, etc and getting no interest at all.

What do we think of Lexmoto. When Lexmoto first started out the general consensus amongst the biking fraternity was “cheap quality I wouldn’t buy one” fast forward the years a bit and like the Del Amitri 1998 Scotland World Cup song “even long shots make it,” have lexmoto made it? WelI they have certainly made waves in the UK motorcycle industry and have really taken a few of the big boys to task in terms of sales figures and if you look at any of the sales charts in the UK you will usually see the Lexmoto name in there. Lexmoto now have a vast dealer network spread throughout the UK. Quality has vastly improved over the years and it’s an encouraging sign that we have such a huge dealer network in the UK. We have a soft spot for Lexmoto here any and if you have searched on google sell my lexmoto you would of probably found us. Well we certainly do buy Lexmoto here at

Scooping various British Dealer News awards over the years has put Lexmoto firmly on the map in the UK as many UK motorcycle dealers have seen the potential and jumped on board the Lexmoto ship as it sails through our shores.

What has tempted so many British Dealers to a Sell Lexmoto?

Well they win awards and appear in sales charts, that sort of thing doesn’t go unnoticed. People sit up and take notice when a brand is making big strides they want to be onboard and why wouldn’t they?

The passion for bikes coming out of the Lexmoto factory really is clear for us to see. The models they have produced look good and are cheap to buy new with a decent long warranty which inspires trust in the brand. Parts are easy to obtain from most parts being dispatched the same day for a next day delivery. Innovation has been shown more recently with the release of their electric range which is a bold statement from Lexmoto showing that they can move with market change. The thing that strikes us most is that a lot of bikers will always say Chinese bikes are of poor quality compared to the Japanese makes out there and we are not disputing that. Obviously at such a low price new you are not going to get the quality that a Japanese bike offers that’s the truth of the matter. But if you are looking for a cheap bike to buy brand new then it’s well worth giving Lexmoto consideration.

The new electric range from Lexmoto could prove a winner at the price point. Because a lot of the electric motors on already successful Ebikes and scooters are currently made in China!

Do second hand Lexmoto’s hold their value?

The honest answer is no not very well not because there is anything wrong with Lexmoto but because they are so cheap to buy new people don’t really look at the second hand market. It’s not that nobody wants them because sales figures would suggest otherwise. It’s just the fact they are so cheap to buy new compared to the more household names across the globe so when people see them for sale second hand it’s usually a case of “for a few hundred quid more I can get a new one” which makes the second hand market not the greatest in all honesty. As the brand continues to grow then this could well change if prices start to increase dramatically. But hey listen if you are selling your Lexmoto? Then make sure you Visit us at we will buy it!

Lexmoto Cypher £1849.99 electric

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