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New Aprilia eSR1 electric scooter

A few days ago in December 2020 Aprilia announced their new electric scooter to the world. Many were expecting an electric version of their SR range but Aprilia have totally surprised many in the motorcycle world and launched a lightweight, urban scooter designed for short journeys. These scooters are awash in many European cities already but not actually legal to use here in the UK at this current time as they fall under the Personal Light Vehicle category however can you rent one from a hire company who are operating as part of the government's pre approved trial locations around the Uk.

Can I buy an E Scooter and use it on the road in the Uk?

The answer to this question at this current point in time is no you can’t. It is illegal to use an E scooter on public roads, pavements in cycle lanes and in pedestrianised areas. E scooters fall under the same law as any other motor vehicle. If you are caught riding an E scooter in any of the above mentioned areas then you face 6 points on your driving licence A £300 fine and your E scooter being seized. You will be treated exactly the same as a car driver driving a vehicle with no insurance. Many thousands of people are actually unaware of this. So make sure you read up on the law before buying one! If you happen to own a large piece of private land on the other hand and you wish to use it on that then you will be 100% legal.

Getting back to the Aprilia

The Aprilia eSR1, is the first Aprilia electric two-wheeler, is foldable and packs a removable battery for charging at any place of convenience. The urban micro electric mobility vehicle has funky racing graphics and a rugged deck to appeal to younger customers. It features front and rear LED lights and a 3.5-inch LCD instrument cluster as well.

Smart Tech

Aprilia has built the eSR1 with magnesium alloy frame. The battery fitted is a 36 V, 7.8 Ah or a 0.281 kWh battery pack, which has a protection rating of IPX4. A 0.35 kW brushless motor powers the foldable electric kickscooter using the energy stored inside the removable battery pack.

The scooter has three ride modes – Eco, D and S, and the top speed achievable in these modes are 6 km/h, 20 km/h and 25 km/h. not bad actually. The scooter is a result of a licensing agreement between Aprilia and MT Distribution. The scooter will be manufactured by MT Distribution with Aprilia branding. It’s believed they will be priced at around £600 when they land on our shores.

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