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Motorcycle Exhaust Cleaning

Every biker has asked the question how do I clean my stainless steel exhaust pipes. Debates have taken place online, in biker magazines and even at motorcyle meets.

We believe we have found the best solution here at the solution that has been made right here in the UK put in a bottle and called The Exhaust Remedy. This UK formula is brand new to the market, so new in fact that we have yet to see any of the big name bike magazines pick this up and review it. Although it seems to be selling well and feedback from bikers is good. Have we finally found a UK product that will become the go to product for cleaning your motorcycle exhausts.

So what are the alternatives

There are many different cleaning products, Harpic toilet cleaner, brick acid, clearly products like these are not made for the motorcycle industry the names kind of give it away. They may work but we are confident they are not as good as DrDownpipe that's our opinion and the only way you will find out I guess is if you buy it and try it. Other products such as Autosol metal polish or Diamond White are not a comparison to DrDownpipe, products like these are a polish not a cleaner.

It's a Cleaner

DrDownpipe is a cleaner not a polish and is designed to work quickly and effectively. Although there is nothing to stop you giving your downpipes the once over with a polish once they have been cleaned with DrDownpipe to futher protect them. Some bikers give them a thin coat of ACF-50 to stop any road grime sticking to them. You can clean your bike and make it look sparkling new but when you look down at the exhaust headers and they are still filthy then all your hard work can feel a little deflating. So next time you're looking at your filthy downpipes you could save all your hard work by spraying a coating of DrDownpipe on. We recommend agitating the cleaner because no cleaner despite what people will say is going to do its best job by simply leaving it on and rinsing it off. DrDownpipe is the new Made In the UK cleaner that we feel many bikers are going to buy.

* is where you can purchase this cleaner. Although head over to Ebay CLICK HERE and any Ebay sales of DrDownpipe will generate a 10% dontation to Cancer Research UK. A nice touch from the UK based product.

4 Minute Transformation

As you can see by the photo below DrDownpipe works extremely well and quickly. The pipes below were cleaned and wiped with the DrDownpipe cleaner in around 4 minutes. There are a few videos doing the rounds on social media of the cleaner in action. A sponge and washing up liquid is simply not going to touch downpipes that are as soiled as the ones below this is where DrDownpipe comes into its own. It will give your bike that finishing touch. Why clean your bike only to leave the exhaust headers looking filthy. It really is the cleaner you are going to need in your garage. We are recommending this UK product for bikers who are serious about cleaning their motorcycles.

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