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My Motorbike has finance on it

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

No Jargon here. We are not going to baffle you with APR and calculators trying to work out percentages. We are straight talking here at

So you have a motorcycle with finance owing on it and you want to sell it? That's fine because we can settle finance agreements on your behalf. We do this on a regular basis. We buy motorcycles from fellow bikers who struggle to sell them privately because they have finance on which can create a problem as potential buyers tend to steer clear of motorcycles with finance owing on them. There is good reason for this and the main reason is that the bike still belongs to the finance company until such time that the agreement is settled in full. Some finance companies may tell you that it's fine to sell your motorcycle with finance on as long as you settle the balance on completion of the sale.

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly:

Would you hand over £5000 to someone who has a motorcycle with £5000 of finance owing on it on the understanding they are going to pay the balance off?

The answer to most people would be no never! There is good reasoning behind this. One of the main reasons

being, well what if they don't pay it.......erm well you

are going to have a big problemo now buster!! because the reality is that the finance company can repossess the motorbike and you will probably end up losing your money and the motorcycle leaving you out of pocket....big time. For this reason motorbikes with finance owing on them are hard to sell privately. But never fear Any Bike Bought is here!! We get it. We understand you want your finance agreement paid off and difference owing back to you given to you in cash, or bank transfer. We understand and this is what we do! We live, eat, breath and sleep with..(steady on) motorcycles!!

But my motorcycle was a personal loan with Honda UK? A Personal Loan on a Motorcycle taken at a motorcycle dealer at point of sale is not shown against the vehicle on the HPI register. You are free to sell the motorcycle and keep the loan payments going. These type of loans are against the person and not the bike. Any defaults on the payments will not result in the sold motorcycle being repossessed but it will result in bad credit and CCJ's for the person who has not paid the loan back.

Why do people want to sell a motorbike that has finance on it?

There could be a number of reasons for this. We are not interested in the reason why you want to sell your motorbike that has got finance on. Your personal and private life is your business and who are we to pry? We wouldn't even ask that question.

We have come across situations where one of our fellow bikers have been new into biking and have purchased a new motorcycle from a dealership and thought that the 7% flat rate was a really good rate they were offered by the dealer. It's not until they started making the payments it became clear they didn't know what the APR was.

You should shop around for bike finance and when you're looking for bike finance, you may come across 'APR' and Flat' interest rates. They're quite different things. Some dealers or lenders may quote you the Flat Rate interest, which will be less than the APR (Annual Percentage Rate). The Flat Rate interest is the percentage of interest charged on the initial loan amount of every year you have the loan for. With a Flat Rate, the interest is charged on the original amount of money you borrowed, and doesn't take into account what has been repaid. APR however, takes into account the various extra costs and fees . A Flat Rate agreement might look cheaper because the percentage is lower, but because the interest is charged on the original amount borrowed, it's possible it won't be, and you might end up paying more. When you take finance you want to know what the APR is and the total amount you will pay back over all. That way you can work out how much you are being charged overall.


Loan Amount £7000

Term 3 years

Intrest Rate APR Representative 4.5%

Monthly Repayment £208.07

Total Repayable £7490.52

That means over a period of 3 years you would repay £490.52 in interest.

The higher the APR the more you pay back over the finance term.

If you want to sell your motorcycle and it has finance on it then click the SELL BUTTON below and we can give you a free valuation on your motorcycle. We can clear your finance and make your financial situation easier for you. If you could do without paying the monthly payments then we get it. We have all been in that situation and sometimes you just need a break from the constant outgoings from your wages. But don't worry you can come again and get back on two wheels when your situation changes.

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