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Husqvarna TE250

First Generation

The TE250 arrived on the enduro scene in 2003 and immediately asserted itself as a force to be reckoned with. Super light, it featured sharp handling and the revvy DOHC engine put out great power, especially from the mid-range upwards. Plus, it was fully road legal.

The styling was changed in 2005,though the new plastics brought with them wider rads and tank,giving the bike a more portly feel to the front-end, and the bike began to pile on the pounds. Somehow it gradually became one of the heavier 250s.

2006 saw the fitment of a keihin carb, giving much nicer fueling than the earlier Mikuni-equiped models and we'd certainly suggest using the '06 as a watershed when looking at older TE's. One trait that never went away however,was the bike's tendency to climb out of ruts,which can become something of a chore on long days on the trail. Still, this is one bike which can do great service as both a clubman racer and green lane machine.

In 2008 the fitting of fuel injection coincided with a new cat-equipped exhaust which knocked the edge off the power and most silencers were ditched for (hopefully well baffled) race pipes. The following year the chassis was dramatically altered,perhaps a little strange as it was the bike's final year of production (even if it was built to allow the fitment of the new engine the following year). Those final-year bikes were also given steel valves instead of titanium parts and a few other reliability tweaks.

Towards the end of its run, the TE started to feel quite large when pitted against newer 250s, such as the KTM EXC-F and the "X-lite" Husky 250 which replaced it. But thanks to a fabulously mid-rangy motor,with plenty of top end to boot, and a sharp yet stable chassis it remains a great bike. Its still one of the best quarter litre thumpers...

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