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It doesn't matter how many layers you stick on under that £800 jacket you are wearing lets just face facts here. Riding in the winter can be a miserable experience to say the least. But with the invention of some really great designs from heated clothing manufacturers such as Gerbing, there really are some great items on the market. Wouldn't it be fantastic riding a bike if everyday felt like summer?

Cold hands and a cold neck are always my biggest complaint when riding a motorcycle through the winter months. Numb finger tips and toes are not the finest moments when riding in the British winter. Gerbing design heated clothing to overcome cold at speed and they have some great products to offer. Gerbing make some quality kit and its well worth checking out their website Gerbing back up their products with a lifetime guarantee which gives you some confidence that you are buying a quality product.

Most of us here at own an item of Gerbing heated clothing and we give it a massive thumbs up. Based in Kent - Tunbridge Wells I guess it could be called local produce. Well if you were a TV chef maybe but as we are bikers then we will just call it quality gear!

Gerbing say this about the The new 2020 MicroWirePRO Jacket "It still retains all of the fantastic features of the old model but now offers customers a more tailored fit with even more or our patented heating wire distributed throughout the front and back of the jacket, the collar and the sleeves. A stretch material down each side of the body and the inside of each arm ensures an extremely comfortable snug fit but with full stretch to prevent the chances of bulking under your outer jacket".

Well worth adding one of their jackets to your christmas list!

Trust us. If you ride all year round then you need Gerbing in your life. You will wonder why you have been riding all those years without it.

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