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Free Motorbike Valuation Online

Here at we can offer you a free online motorbike valuation, head over to our website and click on the "SELL NOW" button and we will offer you a free no obligation motorcycle valuation. We are a UK based company that has several drivers/vans attached to us who will collect your motorcycle free of charge anywhere in the UK. We offer fast hassle free collection of your motorcycle.

We are all bikers who have serious knowledge when it comes to buying your motorbike. We are a helpful bunch here at so if you are just looking to see what your motorbike is worth then we will give you an honest valuation as to what you might get for your bike selling it privately or selling it into the trade. We are not into pressuring anyone into selling a bike to us so we will give you a valuation and you can make your own mind up. It doesn't cost you to stick your bike through our website. So if you're thinking "I want to sell my bike," then let us give you a valuation.

We use up to date industry data to ensure that we offer the most current valuations on the market. Then the ball is in your court. You can take our offer or opt to sell elsewhere the choice is yours!! But remember we are bikers and we offer hassle free service.

But what bikes do you buy?

The simple answer to this question is any bike! We buy any bike that's why we are called whether you are selling a monkey bike, or a superbike, running or non-running, written-off or sat for 10 years in a garage we are Anybikebought and we buy any motorbike.

How do you get the valuation

Our team here at Anybikebought are motorcycle boffins we are experts in our field if we weren't than we wouldn't be very good at buying motorbikes would we? Once we know all the details of the motorbike then we can set about valuing it. Older bikes which are of high mileage with no service history are obviously going to be worth a lot less than a newer bike with low mileage. Classic bikes and collectable motorbikes with niche markets will involve us doing a little more research to make sure we give the best possible price on your bike.

Our valuation will be the best we can possibly pay for your bike. If the bike is not as described to us then the price may be adjusted to compensate for any damage that was not declared to us at the time of our valuation. This is not something that happens often to be honest.

Why Sell to

Why not? We like to see ourselves as the best motorbike buyers in the UK!!! If you have obtained a free motorbike valuation from, then it's your decision if you want to sell your motorcycle to us. It's your bike you can sell it to whoever you want!! We are not in the business of making you an offer for your bike and then turning up trying to knock the price down. The price we quote is the price we pay just so long as the bike is as described to us. If the bike is described as "showroom condition" and we arrive to find a whopping great dent in the petrol tank than that would not be as described to us. Minor marks and scratches we make allowances for. It's a used motorbike after all.

Our slogan is WE PAY MORE. This is because we believe that we really do pay more. We offer very competitive valuations for used motorcycles. We have hundreds of followers on Instagram and Facebook and anyone who has sold a motorbike to us will tell you what a good bunch we are to deal with.

So I’ve Accepted Your Offer?

You can email us at or call us on 07597 137498 we will then arrange to come and collect your motorbike, pay you for it and load it onto the van and take it away. We offer fast collection and can work at a time and date that suits you. Early mornings or late evenings we will have a van not far from your area.

What our customers say.

Professional service

Picked my bike up and paid me exactly what they offered me on the phone. I couldn't have asked for a more friendly person to deal with. I initially spoke with Rebecca and I was given a price within 10mins. I accepted this and the bike was collected the next morning by a friendly chap called Ben.

Graham Henderson - Sunderland

First Class

Outstanding Service! Decent price and paid via bank transfer, everything was super straight forward and being a female I am not really one to deal with people selling things privately. Turned up on time (Ron) who was a friendly person to deal with. No haggling or messing around with the price. Fast payment straight into my bank account, would deffo recommend to anyone thinking of using.

Katie Glover - Worthing

Compassionate and proper bikers

Sadly my dad passed away at the end of the year leaving behind his much cherished and loved Harley Davidson which was worth a considerable amount of money after looking on some motorbike for sale websites. I am not a motorbike person myself and have never ridden a bike let alone sold one. I called Anybikebought and spoke with a really friendly helpful lady on the phone. I was called back by a chap whose name I didn't get but was very compassionate about my father and offered me a price for the bike. I said I had to ring around a few other places and nobody else got near to the price I was offered. I took the offer and the bike was collected the very same day. I thank you for making the whole process easy for me.

Robert Fletcher

Excellent so easy to deal with

Easy to deal with, I had an expensive Honda VFR750R RC30 for sale and most other bike buying websites were telling me it was too specialist for them. I wanted as close to £25,000 as possible given the rarity of the bike. To be honest this was the only company that wanted to do a deal with me most others were fobbing me off. I spoke to Martin who was very knowledgeable and very helpful. I managed to sell the bike and want to thank Anybikebought who are really decent people.

Brian Wilson

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