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Enduro Riding Fancy It?

Hello Everyone, Martin here @anybikebought.

No corporate jargon here, just a blog post written by me, for you. I don't even spell check it, that's how normal I try and keep my posts. I am not really interested in writing posts about "who invented the tyre" or "the history of the brake pad". Important things mind you, but I don't actually care. I love riding my bike, I love bikes, love encouraging others and sharing things I am passionate about.

So the cold weather is slowly creeping upon us and that fresh winter chill is certainly in the air. Everyone knows that we are mad about Enduro and dirt bikes here at and you can find some of our team often riding in Enduro events across the country most weekends and we encourage it. Remember, we are bikers first and bike buyers second and I have always said that happy people create positivity and we love dishing it out; plus its free, so if you would like some please do email me at I myself am at my happiest when I am around motorcycles and I love the noise, the smell and the feeling of freedom it brings. There is also something quite exhilarating about freezing cold air hitting you on the face whilst riding through the woods....Oh well, looks like this bike life has well and truly got me - if you cut me open there will be a bike in there somewhere, that's why I want to encourage as many people as I can to try Enduro riding. So get up! Get an Enduro bike and get out there! Oh and if you need to sell a bike to be able to do this you can always phone us....(Yes I got a pitch in there haha)....But in all seriousness I know anyone trying to sell a bike during the winter months can struggle a bit as the market does slow down a lot. If you are getting offered really low prices or it's just not selling privately contact us. We can give you free advice or let you know if it's priced too expensive. We do give advice for free. It's no problem to us it doesn't cost us a dollar to try and help a fellow biker out.

We always say life is about making memories and trying different experiences. Male or female if you are a road rider who has never ventured onto the dirt, well now is the time. Winter is a great time of year to get out on a dirt bike and start having some fun. You will be surprised how fit you actually need to be to ride in an Enduro event or practice day. You will learn new riding skills and find out a lot more about your character whilst you are trying to drag your bike up a muddy hill or even ride down one. We recommend trying to join a motorcycle club or an organization such as the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) in order to meet like minded people and get yourself a few riding buddies. Riding with other people is so much more fun! Many people who ride in Enduro events have a road registered road legal bike and will also go out in their spare time and enjoy some of the fantastic byways and trails the UK has to offer.

From the Kent Downs, The Peaks to the Surrey Hills or the Welsh Valleys there are so many places to explore so get out there and explore. Be that person that when the moment comes says "I did it all I owned every second that this world could give. I lived"

Then make sure you raise a glass biker brothers and sisters.

Hooking up with like minded people is certainly the way to go if you are a bit unsure of what sort of bike you are going to need or if you are just starting out getting into Enduro riding then someone else's knowledge can really help. Joining internet forums such as the off road section found on is a great starting point plus you can fire out all the questions you may have and will get to learn all the "need to know things" before plunging into the deep end!! Offroad experience days are also well worth taking a look at, you can find various ones throughout the UK. Some places that offer these type of days will also provide the bike to use as well, so you get a real taster of riding offroad. Something like the Yamaha Offroad Experience is a perfect place to start. You can also find a number of Enduro facebook groups so make sure you have a look around.

If you are looking to find out what Enduro events are going on in the UK then we advise to head over to Bob Mullins website and have a look through the events list. Bob is a top bloke and massive respect to him for the coverage he does on Enduro related stuff. Please click the link above or below to be directed.

© anybikebought

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