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E10 Petrol - What do you know?

So we have seen the government publish article on knowing your fuel as E10 petrol has hit fuel stations. The standard grade of petrol in the UK is now changing to E10. The move is designed to improve emission and especially reducing carbon emissions, 90 percent petrol and 10 percent ethanol is to reduce carbon footprint and clean up our air. But it doesn't come without some negative factors. Ethanol in can have a negative effect on rubber seals, hoses, pipes, and parts made from fiberglass. For older motorcycles and classic bikes this could be bad new indeed.

To check your bike is compatible with E10 Petrol you will need to know a few details about your bike such as make, model, year it was made and the engine capacity. Some bike may have had an engine swap at some point in their life so you will need to source the year the engine was made and go by that rather than the registration number.

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