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Ducati 4 Ever - 4 Year Warranty Launched

So it has come to our attention here at Anybikebought.Com Ducati have really pushed the boat out with their new 4 year warranty on the Multistrada models. Designed and assembled in Borgo Panigale the Ducati Multistrada is built to offer that sense of freedom that you have been craving. A chance to explore and travel far beyond the roads of the UK. This is an excellent all round motorcycle which will easily travel the world. Ducati have really made a statement with this warranty that is being offered on all models of Multistrada rigorous testing and superior production have really improved the reliabilty of the new Ducati Multistrada 1260 and 950 models to a next level.

A warranty with weight and extensive dealer back-up as Ducati now has a vast growth of the global dealer network. We hear a lot of people tell us that Ducati motorcycles are "high maintenance" when in essence they are no different to any other machine. People can be scared of the "Ducati timing belt" belt service but in reality this is a routine job for many Ducati dealers across the world and should not sway you from buying one of these fantastic machines. I mean lets all face facts here when it comes to the best looking motorcycles produced then Ducati have certainly got it. From the Multistrada to the Panigale. They are a dream machine that many bikers would love in their garage. Now is the time to buy a new Ducati Multistrada for sure. Oh and if you're looking to sell your old one then please visit us at click the big green button "Sell Now" and let us give you a free no obligation valuation. We are one of the leading UK motorcycle buyers and remember We Pay More so instead of trying to make that extra £50 trying to sell your motorcycle privately and waste precious days off work then let us take the stress away. We know bikes and have a reputation for fair honest dealing.

As bikers first and bike buyers second we are just looking at the warranty details on the new Multistrada and we must say this New Multistrada is well worth a look for sure. Wow, 4 years and we thought the Suzuki 3 year warranty was long! The Ducati Multistrada is an expensive bike but with this new warranty we can see a lot of people buying one.

Thanks All.

For the fully warranty summary click Here

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