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The 2020 BMW S1000XR

Just a quick overview on the new model. One big positive is that it's lighter and it's faster!!

The new 2020 model of the popular BMW S1000XR has a newly developed engine, new suspenders and weighs in around 10kg lighter than the previous model. The 2020 model has most recently been launched at the world motorcycle show.

The whole bike has been slimmed down a touch this includes the suspension. The swinging arm and frame are also lighter than previous models. The bike has a complete new double sided swinging arm which will certainly improve things at the rear. This machine has a high level of comfort for the rider as standard, with the option to further enhance it with the BMW Dynamic ESA Pro optional extra. The bike has a new in-line 4 engine which is based on the S1000RR engine. Figures that we have seen are suggesting that the output of the new engine is somewhere between 160-170bhp. Pretty impressive!!

There is now a longer ratio gear transmission which BMW say improves fuelling, noise, and the engine speed level. The new model also has a feature called MSR which stops the rear wheel of the bike from slipping as a result of harsh downshifting or quick throttling. The traction control system also has a feature called "Power Wheelie" setting. You will also have ABS pro to further enhance the safety features of this fine machine. The new S1000XR comes in two striking colour schemes - Ice Grey and Racing Red/White aluminium.

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