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Punching above its weight?

Anybikebought.Com takes a look at the well established AJP Range

AJP PR5 250 Extreme

Lightweight trail/enduro/supermoto bikes using robust air-cooled motors. Certainly worth considering for the novice rider seeking their first trailie thrills. Budget quality but the bikes are generally built quite strong and feature some nice design features. Early bikes used a simple steel frame and black/blue bodywork,whilst the later 2008-on machines run a unique part alloy/part steel frame and black/red or white plastics. PR4 came first then the more modern PR3 was joined by a revised PR4, and then the PR5 arrived in spring 2010. The 2016 model now features a liquid cooled engine.

Photo of a 2005 AJP 125 PR4

PR4 125/200 (Pre-2008) 124/200cc,air cooled,4 stroke,single overhead cam,2-valve single,dual start,110kg (claimed) Taiwanese,Honda-copy four-stroke motor powers this bidget learner-trailie. Under-seat fuel tank, Paioli suspension,and mild power delivery make this bike a cinch to ride for the novice green laner. Also available in SM trim. Learns love it.

PR4 125/200 (Post 2008) 124/200cc, air cooled, 4 stroke, single overhead cam, 2-valve single, dual start. The more recent PR4 uses the Honda SL230-copy motor but in the more modern alloy/steel modular frame. Unlike the PR3,the bikes designed around a proper 21/18in wheelset, and runs Paioli/Sachs suspension. No "pro" version available, but you can choose from enduro, MX or supermoto variants.

PR3 125/200/Pro (2008-on) 198cc, air cooled, single overhead cam, 4 stroke, 2-valve, electric start, single. The first of their newer part ally/part steel machines to be produced,the PR3 comes in either standard (paioli/Olle susp) or Pro spec (Marzocchi/Sachs susp and white plastics). The bike features a smaller 19/17in wheelset (with an 840mm seat height), though can be specced with 21/18in parts (910mm seat). However, the PR3's diminutive size means the chassis works best with the smaller rims. 125 and 200 versions avalible, and in enduro,SM or MX trim. Punching above its weight!

AJP PR5 250

There's definitely a demand for a bike blending a simple and robust air-cooled four stroke with a modern chassis, and thats why we eagerly awaited the arrival of the Portuguese PR5- A Taiwanese-built,fuel injected, electric start copy of the trusty single overhead camfour-valve Honda XR250 motor nestling in a modern ally/steel chassis. And we waited. And waited. And in the spring of 2010 it fianally hit the UK.

Good looking, if a little weird with its part ally/part steel frame and under seat tank,the motor is lusty enough but not particularly grunty or revvy. It'ss lug you along on very little throttle but don't expect to go anywhere particulary fast.

Trail performance with modern enduro ergos

Until you get into the trees. Thanks to compact dimensions (though not expecially low seat height - 940mm) the bike is an absoulote doddle to thread between the trees at a pace as quick as almost any enduro nike. Which is amazing considering the 128kg wet weight! The suspecnsion really needs some fetteling for race use though, both sachs 48mm USD forks and shock feel too soft to be hitting things at speed.

The PR5 comes fully road legal and its on the trail where it'll win the most friends. Admittedly,when you're aboard, it does sound too rorty for the lanes, but it's actually induction roar and there's just a gentle burble from the exhaust. Similarly, the enduro-flat seat doesn't look too comfortable but it's padded enough for all day right.

If your looking for a low maintenance race bike then you'll probably find the PR5 lacking in the speed stakes, but if its a laid back trail all rounder that you desire then the AJP probably fits the bill quite nicely.

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