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Airbag Trousers for bikers

Do you own an airbag jacket? Why not go fully "bagged up" with these airbag trousers from French company CX Air Dynamics. Let's face technological has advanced massively on modern motorcycles including motorcycle safety, despite this motorcycle-related accidents are often at the top of the road traffic collision stats. One other thing that is advancing is the way clothing manufacturers are taking on board the need to create and innovate clothing that will protect the rider in the unfortunate event that of a crash. Decent gear is a must for motorcycle riders and anything that can prevent you walking away from a crash uninjured has got to be worth the money.

A lot of riding gear on the market focus a lot on the upper body ie airbag jackets and jackets with spine protectors and the relevant shoulder and elbow protection. CX Air Dynamics are offering riding trousers that can be worn on top of existing riding trousers. These are designed to deploy an airbag system in the event of a crash, protecting the legs of the rider.

The material of the trousers is made from Cordura and Poron XRD foam. Cordura is used in a lot of motorcycle riding gear currently on the market today and is a tough material known for its abrasion and water resistance and breathability. Poron XRD foam, is an impact-absorbing foam that is flexible but can also absorb a high percentage of the energy during impact.

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