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Have you found us by typing in the phrase Sell My Bike In London? Have you been searching on google for a professional honest bike trader to buy your motorcycle from you. Well your search is over. We are a leading motorcycle buyer in the UK and have vast experience of buying motorcycles. Rest assured you are in the safest hands possible when selling your bike.


At AnyBikeBought.Com we take all the stress and hassle away so you can sell your motorcycle as quickly and easily as possible. Cash or Bank transfer and free collection make your sale go as smooth as possible.  Click "SELL NOW" and grab a free online valuation, if you like what you see then one of our professional biker team will be in contact to arrange payment and collection of your motorcycle.  We do not charge for collection. We do not haggle the price down. We collect in some cases the same day.


Sell My Bike In London

Tyre kickers, haggling, wasted time, test pilots, the "I will think about it and never to be seen again" brigade! Yep those are the things that we have been told when we have bought bikes from customers in London. There are a few other negatives when selling privately also so if you want to sell your motorcycles in London then click on the SELL NOW button and we will give you a free valuation of your motorcycle. No obligation to sell.



London is a popular place for motorcylists and does have a Motorcycle Museum opened in May 1999 at Oldfield Lane South, Greenford, Middlesex. A charitable trust, it displays a range of over 150 classic and British motorcycles. Notable exhibits include the last Triumph Bonneville T140 out of the Meriden gates in 1983. Well worth a look if your around the area on your motorcycle.

Below are a few biker haunts in and around the London area. Being all lifelong helpful friendly bikers here at AnyBikeBought we thought we would share this with you all. 

Here is a quick run down through the popular biker haunts and meet up spots. So if you’re new in town (or just new on a motorcycle), pop along for a cuppa, a chin wag and a gander at everyone else’s bike.

Ace Cafe
The famous cafe everyone has heard of, located on the North Circular near Stonebridge, a haunt for bikers from the ’30s-’60s, now open again and buzzing. Always running different events and themed nights, but Friday’s a traditionally biker nights. Check their website to see what’s on.
Find the Ace Cafe on Google Maps.

High Beach, Epping Forest
Surprisingly, after just a short ride from the city centre you can find yourself deep in the Epping forest. This little tea hut is the meeting ground many an East London or Essex biker, a hot sunny Sunday will see this place teaming with bikers rendezvousing for a ride out.
Find High Beach on Google Maps (On corner of Cross Roads and Fairmead Road).

Blackheath Tea Hut
Located on top of Shooters Hill in Greenwich park, this little tea hut is a great place to catch up with lots of other bikers and enjoy the surrounding beautiful green park land.
Find Blackheath Tea hut on Google Maps.

Borough Market
On Wednesday evenings the London Bikers forum have their regular meet up in Borough Market (opposite Monmouth Coffee shop, along Stoney Street). Often a good turn out, rain or shine.
Find Borough Market on Google Maps.

Ryka’s, Box Hill
Out to the South West of London on Box Hill near Dorking, Ryka’s has been a favoured motorcycle haunt since the 1920’s. Still extremely popular today, you’ll often find hundreds of bikers on a sunny weekend. Serving great food and coffee, you’ll be guaranteed to ride away satisfied.
Find Rykas on Google Maps.


Bike Shed 

A newish (Autumn 2015) Shoreditch cafe in the East End with a hipster slant for custom cafe racers, scramblers and bobbers. However, don’t be put off, this trendy bar still welcomes all bikers alike, you don’t have to be a hipster to enjoy a cosy leather chair and decent coffee! Bike Shed Cafe is open daily 8am – 11pm.
Find Bike Shed on Google Maps.

Why Sell To AnyBikeBought

AnyBikeBought, so you want to sell your bike in London? You want to sell your motorbike in London in a hassle free way? You are on the right website then we are leading the way in bike buying and when it comes to selling your bike quick and easy then we are at the forefront, our professional team have vast experience in the motorcycle industry, we all ride bikes and we are all lifelong bikers. Still thinking, I want to sell my motorcycle in London but need it collected quickly and cash paid for my bike? AnyBikeBought we pay more than the rest so sell to us!!

The price we offer includes the free collection of your bike from anywhere in London. Who will buy my motorcycle I really want to sell my motorbike? AnyBikeBought - Market leaders - We Pay More - Sell to us.

Click SELL NOW and if you like the price offer, one of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss payment and collection of your motorcycle!

Yes we have seen all the other bike buyers websites and we know there is a lot of competition out there. But we have the reputation for fair dealing and offering realistic prices for motorcycles. So you could say if the price we offer was a movie then their price would go straight to DVD.


Call Us On: 07597 137 498

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