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Prioritise bottom up processes and local knowledge (in particular indigenous people and local communities) in all projects

Indigenous communities and local communities have a connection to the land that has resulted in generational practises which keep humans in harmony with nature. Indigenous methods and knowledge of local ecosystems create benefits for the community as well as resilience through adaptation. Additionally, local residents and communities should be consulted on all decisions related to urban planning, transportation and behaviour change aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The UK should ensure indigenous and community consultation in all projects carried out by the UK government and UK registered companies at home and abroad, and advocate for the other countries to do the same.

Implement stronger legal protection of natural ecosystems and indigenous people’s rights in the process of environmental protection

In the UK, since 1970 41% of species have decreased in numbers. Protection for our natural ecosystems is urgently needed to prevent further disruption and irreversible damage. Climate action should support and safeguard biodiversity. Internationally the UK should ensure that indigenous peoples rights in the process of this environmental protection are themselves protected and prioritised. This includes ensuring that payment for ecosystem services programmes such as REDD+ protect indigenous (land) rights, and safeguarding indigenous rights in all UK funded projects at home and abroad.

Facilitate knowledge-sharing regarding adaptation internationally and recognise the experience in adaptation in the Global South

Global South countries have been forced to adapt to climate change for considerably longer than the UK, they already have tried-and-tested adaptation methods which are, in many cases, highly advanced. The UK should recognise this expertise and facilitate knowledge sharing opportunities to learn.

Mainstream gender equality across all elements of climate change planning and policy (such as through a Gender Action Plan)

Womxn and girls face different challenges in the face of climate change, compared to men. Existing patriarchal systems mean that womxn are, in many cases, more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, but also have unique agency in the face of the problems. Therefore mainstreaming gender is crucial for an effective response. A UK Gender Action Plan can address this by providing a framework for mainstreaming gender - incorporating everything from mandating gender balanced representation in climate negotiations, to specific references to gender in the UK’s Nationally Determined Contribution and supporting research and gender-split data collection to better identify the different experiences related to gender.

Ensure transparent and continued consultation with and contribution from those most affected by the climate crisis on all levels of climate policy in a way that is racially and socioeconomically diverse and accessible for people with different levels of disability (this includes frontline communities, small island states, indigenous peoples and youth)

Consultation that includes all sections of society is of vital importance. People’s unique experiences shape their needs and approach to climate solutions. In particular, those on the frontline, experiencing the greatest environmental injustices, whose voices have been ignored for too long, should be prioritised. In the UK this includes BAME, disabled, poor and young groups and individuals. Internationally, the UK should also give space, and a platform to voices from the Global South, especially by supporting Global South representation at COP26.

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