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Sell Motorbike and Buy A New One!

So you have parked your bike up in the garage over the winter months and now its time to start thinking shall I sell my bike and buy a new one? Everyone knows the time to be hunting around for a new purchase is in the winter months when the deal on new bikes is a lot better. This is mainly because the biking season has come to an end and dealers are not selling as much as they would in the summer months. If you have a bike that you are thinking of selling gathering dust then don't let it sit there and depreciate in value if you are thinking of selling it anyway take action and get that new bike you want in time for the biking season. You are much more likely to get a better deal on a new bike if you have no part exchange. This is where AnyBikeBought come in, because we will make you an instant cash offer for your motorcycle that is totally free and you are under no obligation to sell. It gives you an idea of what your bike might be worth at least. What have you got to lose? 


We are a leading motorcycle buyer and we pay more than the rest and we have the ability to pay cash and collect the very same day. We are not a computer generated price guide which is usually a system that will pay you a rock bottom price for your pride and joy. We are real people, real bikers and we get it!! We understand that you want more for your motorcycle. We will listen to what other dealers have offered you and we will beat it. We have years in the bike industry and our main goal is happy customers. We are a bunch of happy, enthusiastic lifetime bikers who happen to have a passion for motorcycles and love to give the best prices on the market. 

If you have a motorcycle gathering dust in your garage and you’re not sure if you will get the price you want for it. Well you may be shocked here are 3 of the most common models that are most likely to hold their resale rate.















Compared to the 883, the 1200 seems such a bargain it makes you wonder why anyone would buy the 883 anymore. In fact, you can’t help but wonder if Harley are going to continue with the 883 at all, especially with the Street 750 now providing the first step into Harley ownership. The extra power of the engine does make it slightly more unruly in the handling department, but only when you’re really pushing it. Around town, squirting from traffic light to street corner, where this bike will spend most of its life, it really excels. If you’ve always fancied the Iron but wanted something with a bit more go, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.


The 2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure is an outstanding bike, it truly can do it all. Tour, off-road, commute, or simply be weekend toy, it’s faultless. The old R1200GS was a fraction underpowered, noticeably so when fully-loaded with pillion luggage and 30litres of fuel – but that can’t be said of the new bike. With more power and torque BMW have given GS Adventure more spice, it’s more fun than ever before, yet still easy-to-ride with perfect fuelling. It’s almost impossible to find fault with it.

It’s still a physically large bike, but that aside, it’s pretty much the perfect do-everything, go-anywhere motorcycle. But be warned: if you currently own GS Adventure and you take the new model for a test ride, you’ll immediately feel the difference, and your old 1200 will never feel quite the same. And if you’ve always fancied a big GS Adventure, it will be hard to walk away after a test ride without signing on the dotted line.

Kawasaki ZX-6R 2013-2018

Kawasaki has obviously tried to make the new ZX-6R more usable for the environment in which it’ll be most used – the road. And in many ways they’ve succeeded. The new 636cc motor boasts a more usable spread of power and torque, both on the road and track, it’s less manic, and easier to get the most out of for the average rider. The rider aids work too, and while the power modes are a somewhat pointless gimmick, the traction control and optional ABS are excellent. ABS is optional.

Looking to get your motorbike valued? Well We Buy Any Bike so let us give you a value for your motorcycle. What have you to lose? It's free and will give you an indication of what your bike is worth even if you don't want to sell it to Click the SELL NOW button for your free valuation.

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