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If you have found this page then you must have been looking on google to sell your motorcycle? Are you thinking of selling your motorcycle on shpock? Ask yourself this do you really want the hassle of a private sale? The time wasters and lengthy time waiting for a buyer to come and view your motorcycle just to find out its not really in the condition the buyer wants?


Trust us when we say we have all been there we deal with many customers just like you! At we take the stress and hassle of a private sale away we have advisers online right now ready and waiting to value your motorcycle for you!! Click on the SELL NOW button to get an instant valuation for your motorcycle. We have put together some useful information on shpock below. At the bottom of the page you can find out SELL NOW button which will enable you to obtain a free valuation on your motorcycle. 

Shpock boot sale app is an alternative to eBay which lets you shop and sell items in your local area. Is it any good?


Shpock, short for SHop in your POCKet, is an online car boot sale app available on iOS and Android that rivals eBay and Gumtree.

It was founded by Austrian entrepreneurs Armin Strbac and Katherina Klausberger who wanted to offer people a platform to buy, sell or give away unwanted "beautiful things" in their local area.

The app launched in the UK in March 2014 and has already become a fairly popular selling platform.

What is it that Shpock offers to make it stand up against well-established online marketplaces like eBay and classified listing websites like Craigslist and Gumtree?


How it works

Shpock is very simple and quick to use.

To get started you just need to download the free app for your iOS or Android mobile device from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also access Shpock online on a computer, rather than your phone, if you wish.

You can then list an item just by uploading a picture, writing a short description, picking a category and suggesting a price.

There are nine main categories you can choose from: Fashion and Accessories; Home and Garden; Electronics; Movies, Books and Music; Baby and Child; Sport, Leisure and Games; Services; Cars and Motor; and 'Other'.

Other Shpock users will then be able to see your listing. If they're interested, they can get in contact to either agree to pay the asking price or make a counteroffer.

Once a price is negotiated, it’s up to the buyer and seller to reach an agreement about item delivery and method of payment. Shpock doesn’t get involved.

At this point we should point out that, if you're specifically looking to buy or sell clothes, Depop is a far more targeted app. You can read our review of it here.


How does Shpock compare?

Shpock hasn’t reinvented the wheel, but it has made an online marketplace that's cheaper, easier to use and nicer to look at than its rivals.

For one thing, it's free to use and doesn’t charge any listing or transaction fees. The company only has optional charges for extra features that help to promote an item, which range from 69p to £13.99.

In addition, Shpock offers a more modern take on free classified listings that look dated, are built mainly on text and often feature a lot of distracting adverts.

Shpock is built on images to inspire those browsing and has useful features like being able to promote items through social media and the ability to set up alerts for items you are on the hunt for.


If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to selling with eBay, and have time and finances on your side then shpock could be for your. However unfortunately some times it can take a long time to sell a motorcycle and the true fact of the matter is that some people can take weeks or even months to sell their motorcycle and even then its at a reduced price.

When it comes to buying motorcycles we are right at the front offering more than other competitors on the market. Being a team of lifelong bikers ourselves we want to make sure you are happy with the price we give you and our service. We actively encourage you to try the rest. Then come and try the best..

However, you should you decide to sell your motorcycle on Shpock make sure you take precautions like using PayPal and using tracked delivery to ensure you have some protection when making an exchange.Get their details as soon as possible, Always arrange the meeting at your own home, preferably in daylight hours, Check their identity, Don’t reveal your security measures, Don't allow test rides for your own peace of mind. Just a few helpful tips if you do decide to sell privately.

If you would like a free no obligation valution of your motorcycle please click the button below. We will aim to give you the best possible price for your motorcycle. 

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