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It certainly looks like Zero are planning a big year, whilst Brexit and the implications of Covid-19 have held a lot of businesses back it seems the brand from the USA Zero Motorcycles are planning to grab the UK electric motorcycle market with both hands and establish a stronghold in the UK.

The premium brand company now has a UK warehouse in the heart of Yorkshire and a UK national sales office too. It looks like the UK Zero dealers are going to get great backup and support from Zero. Zero have been making noise for a number of years in the electric bike market and are regarded by us here at as the top of the range when it comes to the current electric motorcycles on offers. Zero have put some of the best electric motorcycles together that we have seen.

When brands such as Harley Davidson start releasing electric bikes you kinda have to stand up and take notice. Because they clearly believe in embracing change too. 10 years ago if you told your bike mates you were going to buy an electric motorbike they would laugh at you. Well. They are not laughing now!

Electric bikes are happening and they are happening now. The market is only going to get bigger as Ultra Low Emission Zones sweep into the big UK cities and bans on selling new petrol and diesel cars start coming towards us in the coming years. (Although motorcycles are not included in this. We have dodged the bullet for now).

Zero have made heavy investment into its UK dealer network now and shows us that they are the real deal when it comes to the electric motorbike. Supply shouldn't be an issue in the UK.

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