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Winter Riding Essentials - Our Top 6


Winter is obviously not the greatest time to be blasting about on worn out rubber. Ice, water and cold/freezing temperatures don’t make for the best riding conditions. A good set of rubber will improve ride safety; there are plenty of makes and models to choose from. A set of brand new tyres can completely transform the feel and feedback of your bike. During winter this is an important part of motorcycling.


Knox Cold Killer

So simple, but yet so effective in those cold winter months. We really rate this product from Knox. It provides you with maximum coverage against wind-chill for the face, neck, shoulders, chest and upper back. It’s a nice fit underneath a motorcycle jacket as it sits flat, so there is no bulk.

Let’s face it as a biker in cold weather a wind chill to the face and neck can be a bit uncomfortable on a long winter commute. For the sake of the money it costs we think every biker should have one in their motorcycle kit. I owe this product a beer or two….


Oxford Heated Grips

Cold hands and not being able to feel your fingers is one of my worst feelings when riding a motorcycle in the winter. Has anyone else stopped at the side of the road to warm their hands up on the engine? Yep we knew it! For this reason we chose the Oxford heated grips for the simple fact that we like them.

The control unit, the fit and the general quality of the product is top notch. We tip our hat to Oxford products on the range of heated grips they sell. We like our heated grips to get so hot that you have to turn them down and the Oxford ones certainly fit our bill…..A must for any biker in the winter….Buy a set you won’t regret it very easy to fit for any decent DIY mechanic.


Holts Tyre Weld

Most bikers have all been here. Flat tyre stuck in some unlit country lane in the middle of the countryside in the cold and wet. Tyre inflation foam is a must to carry on your motorcycle and can easily be stored under the seat of any motorcycle. There is no worst feeling in the world when on a motorcycle than having a flat tyre, then getting your phone out only to find the area you are in has no phone signal.

Us being bikers we don’t want to leave our bike and walk to get a signal for fear of someone nicking our pride and joy. This stuff can really get you out of trouble and can be the difference between waiting for hours in the cold and getting home and sorting the tyre out the next day….Carry this and you will thank us one day!!


Base Layers!!

Cheap and simple no frills here. If you were going exploring in the Antarctica you wouldn’t go in a t-shirt would you? Antarctic explorers wear the correct clothing. Thermals are the key here and the beauty is they can be bought very cheap.

The bargain hunting bikers amongst us will recognise that Aldi often sell thermals at very cheap prices and they work wonders under motorcycle clothing. Here at Anybikebought we would recommend investing in some Merino wool base layers, this type of wool is very warm and also works well when wet.


Don’t forget the bike needs some protection to….

ACF50 - Anti-Corrosion

If you do not own a can of this then you are going to have to go and buy one….Now!!! riding through a harsh winter with salt and rain on the roads is a formula for our not so friendly friend Mr Corrosion. ACF50 is used in the aircraft industry to protect aircrafts from existing and new corrosion.

We love ACF50 for our bikes

ACF50 forms a thin clear film on the bike that kills existing corrosion and protects it against new corrosion forming. Treating a bike with ACF50 will last for up to a year although exposed areas of your bike will need more regular treatment. DO NOT SPRAY ON BRAKES!!
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