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Launched 3rd June 2020 courtesy of Motorcycle Industry Association in collaboration with manufacturers, wholesalers, media, and industry specialists,, is a brand new initiative to help highlight the reasons why riding a scooter or motorcycle is a great alternative to stay isolated and safe.

The digitally-focused campaign headed up by Motocom will see the industry come together to promote the benefits of PTW's.  Bauer Consumer Media has also supported the promotion and is providing 6000, 30-second advertising slots across their radio networks, including Kiss, Absolute, Hits, and Magic stations.  Leona Graham, Presenter on Absolute Radio, said 'Motorcycles are a perfect choice right now. You're isolated, it's quick and cheap and there are no parking issues when you get there!'

Motorcyclists across the world already know the benefits of two wheels - they are affordable, economical, fun, and can help ease congestion. However, the list of advantages has been expanded even further now that being socially distanced is high on people's agendas. Now, choosing two-wheels is a safer alternative to public transport as it allows individuals to remain isolated and a safe distance from others outside of their households.

Government advice states: ''Consider all other forms of transport before using public transport.', therefore increasing numbers of people are looking for safe, reliable and quick modes of transport during the COVID-19 pandemic. Motorcyclists already know that the best choice is waiting for them in their garage...

Public transport, car-sharing, cycling, and walking have all been discussed when it comes to commuters or travellers getting from A to B, but one solution has been missed, and that's powered two-wheelers.

The portal also contains essential information about the licensing process and shares the easiest way to get on two wheels, as well as providing a simple to search map allowing users to find their closest Training Centre.

For more information on #UnlockYourFreedom and how you can encourage others to get on two-wheels, visit

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