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The future is safer

Motorcycles are becoming more advanced and more intelligent. New technology on some of the new models of motorcycles is developing quick time. Car like features are now appearing on motorcycles and more radar and sensors will definitely be seen on motorcycles. Kawasaki filed a patent for a new radar system for its bikes. It's understood from reading articles that have been circulated that Kawasaki fitted the radar in the patent to the Kawasaki Versys. There are both front and rear radars. These will no doubt be able to be installed on any motorcycle. The Bosch company are believed to be the suppliers of the new Advance Rider Assistance System.

The radar on the front measures the distance between the bike and the vehicle in front. It’s connected to the ABS system and electronic throttle. Basically, we are talking about automatic braking. The rear radar monitors the vehicles behind the motorcycle and alerts the rider to a vehicle approaching too fast. This makes the rider aware of the situation behind and is able to react and avoid an accident.

Bosch is the world’s leading supplier of motorcycle safety technology, Bosch has already made riding on two wheels considerably safer with assistance systems such as ABS and MSC motorcycle stability control. Now the company is going one step further. According to Bosch accident research estimates, radar-based assistance systems (ARAS) could prevent one in seven motorcycle accidents.

Bosch's Advanced Rider Assistance System consists of three key elements. This is adaptive cruise control (ACC), a head-on collision warning feature and blind spot protection. All this is similar to the safety technologies used in cars.

Bosch research has shown that this system (although not a solution to all problems), can prevent every seventh accident with a motorbike. Since modern electronics constantly monitor the environment of a motorbike and can respond to a dangerous situation faster than a person.

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