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Planning a Biking Trip? Here Are 4 Ways to Stay On Top of Your Health Needs

For motorbike enthusiasts, there is nothing better than going on a long-distance tour to spend

some quality time on the road and experience the sights the journey has to offer. However,

falling ill before or during the trip can derail your plans. But don't fret, as in this article by

AnyBikeBought, we’ll explore the steps you can take to ensure you remain in good health and

be prepared for any contingencies.

Pack a First-Aid Kit

Having a first-aid kit during travel helps you to be self-sufficient in managing your health needs.

Additionally, minor illnesses can save you a trip to the hospital and allow you to continue with

the trip. Here are some must-include items in your first-aid kit:

Medicines: From headaches, common cold, and stomachaches to any pre-existing

conditions, include medicines for all types of illnesses you could encounter. If you’re

unsure regarding which medicines to carry, meet with your doctor before leaving and

request a list of medications to be carried.

Sanitizer: As it has been highlighted numerous times over the past two years, viruses

and bacteria can cause a host of illnesses, and one of the best ways to protect ourselves

is to keep our hands clean. On the road, you won’t always stop at places with good

washrooms; hence, it’s important to keep a couple of bottles of sanitizer handy to

cleanse your hands of germs.

Health Records: Make a copy of your latest health records and store them along with

medicines. Additionally, create a digital copy by uploading them to Google Docs. For iOS

users, here’s a guide on turning a file into a PDF on your iPhone.

Carry Plenty of Water

Dehydration is more common than you think among motorbike riders. Riding a bike for

prolonged periods naturally strains your body, resulting in the need for hydration. As reported by

ATBS, being dehydrated can be dangerous while driving as it can lead to dizziness, loss of

concentration, and an elevated heart rate. Hence, plan periodic stops to hydrate yourself and

eat a small snack if possible. Rather than depending on having hotels or shops on the road to quench your thirst, carry

bottled water with you. Not only does bottled water not expire, but it can be easily stored in a

bag or in the top box on your motorbike.

Purchase Heated Riding Gear

If your trip consists of early mornings, riding through mountains or cold regions, having heated

riding gear is a must. In addition to keeping you warm and reducing the chances of falling sick, it

will allow you to maintain a proper grip on the throttle and remain focused at all times.

Some heated riding gear can directly connect to your bike and draw power from its battery,

while others come with installed batteries. Before purchasing, ascertain whether your bike can

handle the load of powering the heated gear.

Buy Private Health Insurance

While the NHS is always an option, purchasing private health insurance for the duration of your

trip provides the following benefits:

Virtual Medical Services: Most private health insurance providers include the option of

accessing virtual medical services. If you are feeling under the weather, rather than

making a trip to the hospital, you can connect with a medical professional online, who

will make a diagnosis and prescribe the required medication and next steps.

Lower Waiting Times: As reported by the BMA, more people than ever are now on the

waitlist for NHS treatments. Having private insurance allows you to avoid longer than

expected wait times and promptly receive the required treatment.

If you’re going to be traveling for an extended period due to work, it is recommended that you

prioritize living an active lifestyle. This can be achieved by finding accommodations with a gym,

going for a daily walk, and eating home-cooked food as much as possible.

While one can never completely rule out the possibility of falling sick, following these

precautionary and hygiene steps will help you maintain a high level of protection. Additionally,

keeping a PDF copy of your health records on your phone will prove beneficial during

emergencies and help you get the required treatment on time.

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