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Lock It Up - Motorcycle Security Tips

Locks, Chains, Anchors

Buy the best chain you can afford. But our recommendation on the best chain you can purchase comes from Almax. You can view their range of chains at . All Almax Immobiliser Series III/ IV chains are case hardened and tempered back to retain maximum ductility rather than leaving the chain through hardened and brittle. This maximises resistance against both sledge hammer and wedge techniques. Almax's unique long link system throughout, not only eats croppers for breakfast, it also allows the owners to tighten any length of chain as they so desire. It also allows any number of chains to be secured using just the one padlock, reducing the cost of securing more than one vehicle whilst increasing security. Chains and locks are only as good as the item you secure them to. There is no point putting your chain around a wooden gate post. It would take a thief no time at all to steal your pride and joy. The rule is to try and keep your chain off the floor as it's a lot harder to cut a chain with bolt croppers if the chain is hanging in the air. It's worth investing in an alarm as it's more likely to alert someone nearby who can call the police.

Disc Locks

These are small and easy to carry on a motorcycle. You can usually find a small space under your seat to store these. You can also get alarmed disc locks which will go off if someone disturbs your bike. Evidently a disc lock will not stop a bike from being lifted into the back of a van or dragged away, but it's better than nothing if you are parked in a bike bay or stopping for a short time. Why risk popping into the shops and leaving your bike outside not secured at all. It takes the bike thieves on scooters seconds to have your bike away. Don't get complacent!! It's your ride after all. Why let some dirty thief get their hands on your pride and joy.

Steering Locks

Most bikes have them fitted as standard now. Some road registered enduro bikes don't have a steering lock but if you are going to leave an enduro bike unattended anywhere you will be buying a new bike every week! Make sure when your bike is parked up you use the steering lock. It's a further deterrent to an opportunist thief. It's something extra that a thief has to get through to steal your bike.

Forensic Marking

This is something worth having on your motorcycle. It makes your bike and parts less attractive to thieves as if caught with your stolen bike or parts then "handling stolen goods" carrys a hefty prison sentence these days and so it should. DataTag is often put on new bikes straight from the factory now. You can also buy the marking kits from Datatag directly.

Storing Your Motorcycle

The best option is always going to be a garage. But unfortunately not everyone has a garage. There are various purpose built motorcycle storage solutions that you can buy online. Have a look at they offer some really high quality products. If you happen to live on the 20th floor of a tower block then please ask yourself if it's worth parking a Ducati Panigale in the car park below. The chances are at 1am when a motorcycle thief comes around the bike is going to be stolen. Hiking your premiums and costing you a small fortune.


This is a great deterrent to protect your bike. But if you have had a motorcycle stolen in the past you will make yourself go mad by sitting watching it for hours on end.....Yes I have been there myself!!! Leave it on record, chain your bike with 4 or 5 Almax chains and try not to over worry.

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