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The new Kawasaki KLX 230 - Looks Good

Anybikebought have been casting an eye over this new 2020 model from Kawasaki. We are impressed! It looks as if Kawasaki have thrown their serious hat back into the dual sport motorcycle ring although currently not available in the UK we are hoping that it does hit our shores soon as this looks a really cool little trail bike and we are itching to get our hands on one (being fans of small thumpers here at it looks likely that the KLX 230 going to be coming in under the £4000 mark so whats not like?

Boasting an air cooled lump 4-stoke engine cyclinder SOHC 2 valve 232cc putting out 18bhp @ 7600rpm and 13lb-ft @ 6100 rmp this is a decent little bike. Clearly not an all out competition enduro bike but a bike that will suit the novice green laner and those who also want something slimline light and reliable to bimble about on!

The KLX230 is a quality motorcycle and being fuel injected is right up to date with modern technology. We have listed some of the modern touches below.

· large diameter wheels 18' rear and 21' front wheel · large diameter disc brakes · Bosch dual-purpose ABS

. low seat height · KX inspired ergonomics

The Kawasaki KLX 230 is available in ABS and Non ABS versions. The KLX's short wheelbase together with the high ground clearance contributes to the bike’s manoeuvrability, allowing riders to more easily navigate the trail most easily.

Hopefully coming to a Kawasaki dealer near you soon!

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