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Kawasaki MX Experience - Test your Limits

Ever fancied getting into the off-road scene? Maybe you fancy having a blast in the mud but never find anywhere to ride nor have the bike or equipment to be able to. In the winter months, it's a known fact that some road riders put the summer sportsbikes away and dust the dirt of their road-legal enduro bikes for a winter of green laning and closed course enduro days.

Talking from experience here members of the team have been and done a Kawasaki MX day and can't speak highly enough of it. Fancy having a go of the latest motocross machine on offer from Kawasaki without buying one? This is the place to do that. What we say is "What are you waiting for?" Life is too short so take a leap of faith and get yourself along to one of the Kawasaki MX Days under the eye of top rider and diamond geezer Craig Chamberlain.

After a short briefing, you will be supplied all the essential kit you need for the day and taught all the basics of riding. Once you are familiar with the machine and how to ride it you will be off. The excellent instructors will be there so ask loads of questions and get loads of advice from them remember these people live and breath these bikes so make sure you get the best advice and tips you can. This is an excellent day. Highly recommended.

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