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We are fans of the Honda MSX 125 here at We buy the popular little bike from Honda and also have our own one that we scoot about on. Most recently what caught our eye is the new "Red power" full exhaust system from Scorpion.

Scorpion have published that the new exhaust system is made from T304 stainless steel. The exhaust comes with full instructions and fitting kit which means most home mechanics will be able to fit the exhaust themselves saving them a trip to the dealer. Looking at the options the new rear silencer comes in brushed stainless steel or black.

Scorpion make exhausts that are aesthetically pleasing on the eye which are also built with precision and durability in mind. We would say that scorpion made a quality product which is produced right here in the UK. No doubt the system would have been expertly dyno developed which like with most of the scorpion range will ensure the system works fine with the MSX's standard mapping. It's a bolt on and off you go job from

scorpion (we thank you for the ease of fitting scorpion). Once installed, the product sharpens throttle response and increases bhp which enhances the bikes rideability.

You will 100% feel the difference with this system fitted on your Honda MSX 125 and we don't just mean weight saving (The standard exhaust ways a ton compared to this quality item)

Throttle response is improved, bhp increases which will give a tad more top end speed. The best bit is that it sounds the mutts nuts!!! So ditch that hairdryer noise and live loud and proud!!!

Remember to keep a bottle of handy when it comes to cleaning your header pipe. Another UK made product for cleaning stainless steel motorcycle exhausts.

Red Power full systems available now

  • Full system with brushed stainless steel Red Power silencer £369.00

  • Full system with black ceramic coated Red Power silencer £399.00

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